Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another December.. how does this HAPPEN??

I know full well that every twelve months will bring another December rolling into our lives.  I also know that each December, I'm asking myself the same question: "How did ANOTHER one get here again, so quickly??"  I have to say, that during the other eleven months, time certainly doesn't zoom by,there's no "suh-looooow" button -- no "regular speed" button, and currently there is not a "ZIP-through-this-and-get-to-NEXT-MONTH" button ----- I know, I checked.  It's still under construction.  I'm left then, to believe that we still are experiencing only one day at a time here, only one 24-hour-period per shot, unless anyone else knows something I've not gotten that.particular memo on yet, I'm sure everyone else is doing this Thing Called Life at the same speed as I am.  One day at a time... one percustomer.  No going back, no moving forward at an indiscriminate speed then bouncing back to let others know how it turned out.  Ahhhhh!!!! But, there we have it!  We KNOW how this story ends.. the BiggerStory.  I can only continue being shocked and amazed each time another December rolls around and gets right up in my face again, announcing "HERE'S THE REASON WE'RE ALL HERE... TO LEARN HOW TO GET BACK HOME WHEN WE'RE FINISHED WITH THIS SCHOOL... AND HERE IS THE EASY --- it is Him. My Savior, my Brother, my Lord.  My friend.

Monday, December 22, 2014

"WOW" # 24,139,384

So... I've been keeping track of how many times I've said "WOW" lately, and it's about coming to the amount in that number (in the title to this post).

Yes, it's over twenty-four million by now, but then, who's counting?

What a day yesterday was.......

 Ross and I were eyewitnesses to a horrible automobile versus motorcycle accident, and I swear, after seeing that, I am going to BUY him a BMW motorcycle.

 It was horribly scary being the medical student at the scene, having to call 9-1-1 and try to NOT yell at the lady on the phone, "GET AN AMBULANCE HERE QUICKLY!!"

when she asked where I was, I said, "I DUNNO!!!!!!!!!! JUST GET ONE HERE!  MAKE IT TWO!"

I had to turn and ask a lady at the store behind us (on 3rd South right off State Street) where we were??? She gave me the address, and I'm glad the lady on the phone heard, then she repeated it, and said, "Is this where you are?"

I almost screamed, "I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!! JUST GET THE AMBULANCES HERE!"

then I had to give her a synopsis of what had happened in the accident.  My son was watching a verrrrrrrrrry cute girl in her Halloween costume (a Ninja???) WHILE we were crossing the intersection, and we had just gone about 15 steps when WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BA-LOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

  Ross was still looking over his shoulder at the cute lady, and he saw the car WHAM through the red light, WHAM into the motorcycle and it literally BLEW up.  PIECES flying.. people running.  people screaming.

  Oh, one of them was me.

I actually typed this up the night it happened, but the tears I was crying wouldn't stop and I wasn't able to see the screen, so had to stop.. I will now post~  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finals time... again.

and I believe they saved the most difficult classes for the last? Two new ones staring me in the face for next week, as I stress out over the final exam for accounting, which never did get along with me very well. :}

Talk about an endless amount of rain!!

Happy birthday to Brandon today, what an amazing young man he is!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I wonder if people deliberately do things to hurt others' feelings. Well, I know some people do (they seem to take a special sort of perverse pride at being good at it, as a matter of fact), but other times, I wonder "WHY did he DO THAT???" and I have to swallow extra hard a few extra times, and then just throw it away, hoping I can refocus and regroup.

Then I get angry at myself for allowing someone else to have that power to hurt my feelings still - by now, you'd think I'd be either extremely used to it happening, or extremely good at not letting things they do and/or say bother me anymore.

But it still does, and they still do (some of 'em -- others, I just have learned to expect it by now, and say "yeah, there they go again", and I am able to feel sorry for their smallness.

But - sometimes, another person does/says something which just KNOCKS me for a loop, and it takes awhile to pass it over to the Lord and let Him carry it for me.

I'm still learning...

Then, I am even more grateful for the kindness and goodness of some other really awesome people who are, in my opinion, so much farther along the Path than those others who claim one thing and still inflict pain on others' hearts (and souls, because it really is the soul which is being stomped on, let's face it --- the heart is there to beat the blood through this physical body, but the soul is what keeps it going)~ and I am so pleased with their ability to be kind.

Because sometimes it's more "cool" to be hurtful and/or cruel when someone else is too - go figgure.

Yes, I know there are two "g"s in that last word, it's deliberate. :)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Elder Zwick???

I'm sorry, but I had absolutely NO idea who this one was...

So - I googled him!! and found this (yep, I have NO idea how to do the link thing on here, one of those things I'll learn someday~):


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The older I get, the more I will understand one thing: